La Familia 
(Latino Outreach)

All About La Familia

La Familia strives to restore dignity and protect our local Latino community by providing culturally responsive and healing support across the lifespan, from children to seniors. We believe that immigrants, undocumented immigrants, refugees, and those native to America are all members of our community, and that aiding all members of a community strengthens it as a whole. Many area Latino individuals and families are living in extreme poverty, do not speak English or have a High School Diploma or GED, are working on U.S. citizenship, and have limited resources coupled with a mistrust of outsiders.


To make matters worse, the current political climate has created uneasiness about their place in America, and intense worry that they, a family member or a close friend could be deported regardless of their legal status. We are actively transforming the Latino community by providing 10 wrap-around bi-lingual services which include Language Services, Immigration Assistance, Legal Assistance, Victim Assistance, Basic Needs, Income Supports, Adult Education, Financial Literacy, Workforce Readiness, and Healthcare Support.