Service WORKS Program

Our Adult Education programs address the needs of both men and women, and involve the resources of community partnerships. We have limitless opportunities for Adult Educational workshops through referrals or onsite educational seminars and classes. Over 45% of every man and woman who come to PFH do not have a High School Diploma or GED. We provide GED classes in English and Spanish, so that obstacles such as transportation, hesitation in signing up through a community college system or lack of confidence, are lessened. Studies show that adults are more likely to enroll in a neighborhood center that they trust.

Our Service Work Hours Program utilizes volunteers from Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), DHS, Peoria Housing Authority and court-appointed community service who are required to perform community service hours to meet obligations for benefits or for court-assigned hours. The purpose of this program is to provide real On-the-Job Training with real workplace expectations and supervision, so that the time they spend volunteering will be used to improve their ability to serve as a successful employee. Included in the SWHP is an 18-week course that provides a broad spectrum of employment skills necessary to succeed in a job. We bring in employers from outside businesses to speak to the SWHP volunteers about what it means to work in their field. We also give them pre-and post-tests measuring their knowledge on essential skills for success. These volunteers have the opportunity to develop resumes, practice interviewing and engage in real life interviews. The goal of this program is to allow participants with very raw employment skills to experience growth through levels of training in an “on-the-job” environment on a journey to employment.


Even though Latinos only make up 5% of the population, most of them are concentrated in close proximity to PFH. As a result, we provide a few specialized services to our Hispanic neighbors. Our English as a Second Language class is instrumental in helping Spanish-speaking adults become more integrated into the English speaking community. Our US Citizenship Classes prepares our non-citizen neighbors with the knowledge they need to learn about the United States and what it means to be a Citizen. At the end of each class, they will connect with the Immigration Council who prepare them legally for the Citizenship test. We are overwhelmed with joy as we witness several neighbors from this class take their oath of citizenship each year.

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