S.T.E.A.M.S. Programs

An after school program for Kindergarten through 8th grade students that focuses on increasing learning potential with a concentration on one-on-one tutoring, enrichment activities and service learning opportunities. It features the STEM curriculum, which includes FIRST® LEGO® League, allowing the children to research, design, and build a LEGO® robot. The class competes against other children at District, State or National levels. Our goal is that the children would grow to love learning and look beyond simply passing their school courses, but dream to excel far beyond. When school is out for the summer, we provide an eight week Summer Camp program focusing on leadership development that provides four consecutive 2-week camp themes

with an enriching diverse program in a fun and safe environment. The children learn about healthy living, giving back to one’s community through service learning, and social and emotional well-being. The overall Summer Camp theme is divided into two age groups, K-3rd (Rising Stars), and 4-8th (Leaders in Training). We are focused on continuously instilling in these children the capacity to be achievers.

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