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La Familia

Welcome to
La Familia

The Peoria Friendship House has a special program called the La Familia Program that strives to restore dignity and protect our local Latino community by providing culturally responsive and healing support across the lifespan, from children to seniors.

Peoria Friendship House believes that immigrants, undocumented immigrants, refugees, and those native to America are all members of our community; and that by aiding strengthens the community as a whole.


The Peoria Friendship House is actively transforming the Latino community by providing 10-wrap-around bi-lingual services, which include language services, immigration assistance, legal assistance, victim assistance, basic needs, income support, adult education, financial literacy, workforce readiness, and healthcare support.

The Seniors' Club invites Senior Citizens from all over Peoria to join us!


We gather every week at PFH for volunteer opportunities, a meal, music, and a rousing Bingo game. You will return home with canned goods and a promise of more fun next week.


Occasionally our meetings include an outing or a special luncheon invitation to another agency.


The most vulnerable people in our community are our seniors, and if we can keep them healthy, we can cut down on much of the cost our hospitals encounter from emergencies.

Seniors' Club

Immigration Project

The Immigration Project is a nonprofit organization that aims to ensure legal access and assistance to the Immigrant populations of Central and Southern Illinois. The Peoria Friendship House partners with the Immigration Project by hosting the organization in our building once a month so they can provide the Peoria immigrant community with assistance completing paperwork to become permanent residents of the U.S. or to seek asylum. 


Director of La Familia


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