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Helping Hands

Our Mission

The mission at Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service has not changed from doing the work of Jesus Christ to providing hope, respect, and a pathway to prosperity. Still, the vision of how we impact more families in our community continues to grow. We refer to our clients as “friends,” because our intent is to make everyone who walks through our doors feel like they belong, and not like a component of some program.


Our vision is to empower families with hope and faith to grow beyond life circumstances.


This is the future of Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service, a national powerhouse with continuous wraparound services for the changing community needs.

Our Core Values

These core values have been and will continue to be our guiding light for hiring, firing, performance, promotions, and even the families we serve.

Our vision will grow more extensive daily because our people always rise to the occasion. I am proud to call Peoria Friendship House my house! Our culture is inviting and inclusive to everyone who walks through our doors.


We are faithful to our clients, and community needs as circumstances in life alter in every family. New interactions or challenges require us to be solution-driven to help resolve issues and adapt to the needs of the services we provide. Our staff remains fluid and flexible to accommodate the daily changes that occur. 


We serve others with a passionate heart and embrace families with a positive, collaborative, and energetic mindset to help them see the potential in their path to prosperity. 


We are committed to empowering families through unconditional support, uplifting, and enhancing their livelihood through our programs and services. We strive to provide a safe space for every community member entering our organization. 


We are ambitious mentors creating resourceful opportunities for our staff, families, and youth to guide them toward success by providing accountability, accessibility, and ownership of their future. 

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